When first planning this event originally for 25th April 2020, we never envisaged the country would be fully locked down by this date. Now coming to the end of a Summer spent either locked in our homes or at the very least 2m distancing from anyone who comes near us, it’s still looking like socially distanced events are the only option for events at the time being.

We don’t feel that we could deliver the kind of event that we had planned under these conditions. The calibre of artists we have playing, combined with the level of production that we feel is necessary for a full Inferno experience is just not possible in a socially distanced situation. The freedom to dance & enjoy the experience in a fully immersive environment is one of the main features & without that it just wouldn’t be the event we have planned.

So we have set a date for Saturday 27th March 2021, when we hope things will be back to normal conditions.

All tickets purchased for the original event (dated 25th April 2020) will be valid for 27th March 2021 and in the event of any ticket holders not being able to attend on the rescheduled date, a full refund will be available through Eventbrite.

Stay safe & we look forward to seeing you on the other side!!

See you on the other side!!